Jaye Pratt, Executive Director

Jaye was born in New Mexico and grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. She has a wide range of administrative, hospitality, and public relations experience. She has worked as a flight attendant, as a liaison for the producers of several television shows, and as a public relations secretary. For the past twelve years she has run her own business designing textbooks and other educational materials. 

Jaye is passionate about and committed to finding a solution for the wild horses that have already been gathered from our public lands.

Michelle Zive, Marketing Director

In her professional life, Michelle is an Executive Director of large community health programs at UC San Diego. Since 2002, she has secured funding through grants and contracts that total more than $11,500,000. She holds a Fund Development Certificate from UC San Diego and has firsthand experience with coordinating a media/ marketing campaign. 

She is the mother of three (ages 9 to 23) and wants to leave the world better than she found it.


Emron Pratt Jr., Finance Director

Emron Pratt's educational credentials include a Bachelor of Science (Accounting) from Brigham Young University (1976); a Juris Doctor from Brigham Young University (1979); and a Master of Laws (Taxation) from New York University School of Law (1985). He was admitted to the New York Bar in 1980. Emron is a retried Executive Director at Ernst & Young LLP in its Dallas office. 

Emron spent part of his youth on a cotton farm near Las Cruces, New Mexico that was managed by his father, Emron Pratt, Senior.

Joy Braustein, Development Director

It has been Joy's honor to serve the nonprofit sector in multiple capacities for over 20 years. She holds dual Masters Degrees in Environmental Law and Public Administration and has completed extensive PhD level work in International Development. Joy's commitment to academic and civic engagement have led to being named one of the 50 Most Influential Women in Mecklenburg County (NC), and receiving a US Department of State-funded Boren Fellowship. She is also a published and accomplished conference presenter.

Joy grew up in New Mexico and has travelled the world. She now lives in Pittsburgh with her family. She has a passion for non-profits, a deep love of philanthropy, and a drive to change the world. Joy's reputation is as an innovator and true capacity builder for non-profit organizations.

Jimmy LaRose, Development Counsel

James P. LaRose and his passion for "people who give" has inspired philanthropists around the world to change the way they invest in nonprofits. His belief that donors are uniquely positioned to give charities what they truly need – leadership rather than money – is the basis for his work with governments, corporations and foundations, in the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

In his role as author, speaker, corporate CEO, and nonprofit CEO, Jimmy champions all of civil society's vital causes has a rich history of facilitating acts of benevolence that bring healing to humanity and advance our common good. Now, in his twenty-fifth year of service, his message that money is more important than mission and donors are more important than people or causes has resonated with policy institute scholars, social activists, doctoral students, business leaders, think tanks, nonprofit and NGO executives who rely on him and his team of veterans to meaningfully grow their charitable enterprise.