Jaye Pratt, Executive Director

Jaye Pratt fell in love with and adopted an American mustang named Bruin. Since then she has become a passionate advocate for the adoption of our wild horses. She is committed to finding a solution for the wild horses that have already been gathered from our public lands.

Jaye was born in New Mexico and grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. She has a wide range of administrative, hospitality, and public relations experience. She has worked as a flight attendant, as a liaison for the producers of several well-known television shows, and as a public relations secretary. Currently she manages her own business designing textbooks and educational materials for major publishing companies.

Jaye believes that although her different careers seem disparate, her combined experience will help the dream of Love Road become a reality. 

Michelle Zive, Fund Development / Grants

For 30 years, Michelle has worked at UC San Diego’s Center for Community Health starting as an evaluator to becoming a lead faculty member.  Over the years, she has brought in almost $19 million dollars to the Center through grants and contracts.  This means she has brouight a team together who have made significant and unique partnerships with businesses, faith-based organizations, schools, government, and other stakeholders in order to improve the health and well-being of people who live in communities with the largest health disparities.

In 2011, she received a fund development certificate from UC San Diego. In December of 2016, Michelle earned her PhD in leadership from the University of San Diego in the School of Leadership and Education Sciences.

Five years ago Michelle met Jaye Pratt when Love Road was the beginning of a dream.  Initially it was Jaye’s passion for saving America’s wild horses that inspired Michelle to join the board. Now Michelle shares the vision of creating a community for our wild horses that educates people about our history, our land, and how we can save both.

Michelle is the mother of three beautiful children (ages 13 to 27).  She wants to live a life that makes this world a better place for not only her children but for all future generations. Love Road is an opportunity to do just that. 


Emron Pratt Jr., Finance Director

Emron Pratt's educational credentials include a Bachelor of Science (Accounting) from Brigham Young University (1976); a Juris Doctor from Brigham Young University (1979); and a Master of Laws (Taxation) from New York University School of Law (1985). He was admitted to the New York Bar in 1980. Emron is a retried Executive Director at Ernst & Young LLP having worked in its Dallas office. 

Emron has served two full-time missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has worked in leadership callings in that organization for most of his adult life. He has also served many years in the Boy Scout of America, including as Chairman of the Tonkawa District, Longhorn Council.

Emron has logged a lot of time in the saddle and has particularly enjoyed participating in several cattle roundups at his uncle's ranch in Mexico.