Joe Camp, Bestselling Author, Passionate Voice for Horses

Joe Camp is a passionate voice for the horse. As a film writer, producer, director, author and speaker, Joe speaks from the horse’s perspective and advocates for natural horse care and horsemanship.

Joe Camp is the author of the national best seller, The Soul of a Horse; Life Lessons from the Herd, which is in its fifteenth printing. Joe has spent years attempting to discover the mysteries of the horse, a majestic creature who has survived on earth, without assistance, for fifty-five million years.

Joe’s other books written from the horse’s point of view: Born Wild, The Soul of a Horse Blogged, Horses and Stress, Why Relationship First Works, Beginning Ground Work, Why Our Horses Are Barefoot, Training with Treats, Horses Were Born to be on Grass, Horses on Grass

Joe has written, produced and directed seven theatrical motion pictures, including all of the Benji movies. His films have cumulatively grossed well over the equivalent of $600 million in today’s dollars, making him one of the most successful independent filmmakers of all time.

Samantha Szesciorka, Historian, Public Affairs Specialist, Wild Horse Adoption Advocate  

Samantha is a lifelong equestrienne with a passion for wild horses and wild lands. She is the founder of the Nevada Discovery Ride, whose mission is to encourage wild horse adoption through challenging long rides. In 2013, she and her adopted mustang, Sage, rode nearly 500 miles across Nevada. In 2016, they journeyed more than 1,100 miles around Nevada. Samantha is a member of the Long Riders' Guild, an international association of equestrian explorers.

Samantha has a degree in history from the University of Nevada, Reno. Her areas of interest are the American West and equestrian travel. Samantha is a veteran, having served in the U.S. Army as a public affairs broadcast specialist, covering military operations in Iraq and South Korea. She also spent several years working as a television news producer.

Samantha lives in Reno, Nevada where she works as a museum curator. Her hobbies include camping, traveling, and showing people why they should adopt a mustang!


Paul Kucharczyk, Naturalist, Open Space Management

Ranger Paul, as Paul Kucharczyk is affectionately known in San Diego, has been a champion for horses and riders at the Los Penasquitos Canyon Open Space Preserve for almost 15 years with an eye toward improving the trails and equestrian staging areas throughout San Diego County. His career as a supervising park ranger has spanned more than three decades, two-thirds of that time involved with multi-agency open space management. A passionate naturalist and interpreter, Paul provided environmental education programs, often with non-releasable birds of prey, at campfire programs, school assemblies, and community events.

Paul earned a Bachelor's Degree in Recreation Administration, Outdoor emphasis, from San Diego State University prior to his career with the County of San Diego, Department of Parks and Recreation.

Paul identifies himself as an avid trail-rider, riding his Tennessee Walking horse, Sedona, who was acquired as a 3-year old, for the past 17 years. He refers to his wife, DeAnne, as his favorite trail-riding partner.

Paul considers the language between horse and human as an amazing connection between two species and believes it is a privilege to be part of the equine "herd."