Love Road has a simple mission! It is to reduce the number of wild horses living in short-term government holding corrals.

Love Road believes there are three ways to achieve this:

Educate and Outreach    Over the last four years, and with the help of wonderful volunteers and a portable educational booth, Love Road has been able to increase awareness of the current plight of the American wild horse by talking directly with close to 20,000 people.

Today Love Road continues to focus on educating people about the horses in
short-term holding facilities. During the summer of 2016, Love Road’s educational booth will be a part of two major events in California: the Paso Robles Mid-State Fair and the Los Angeles County Fair. The combined number of attendees at these events is estimated at two million. So over the next three months, Love Road will make a difference for America’s wild horses by increasing awareness and advocating for Mustang adoptions.

Provide Sanctuary   Love Road is laying the groundwork for the Love Road Wild Horse Sanctuary and Adoption Center which will be in New Mexico and thus centrally located within the Western states. The sanctuary will offer hiking and jeep tours to view wild horses roaming freely in their natural family bands.

Increase Adoptions   Love Road plans to offer additional wild horses for adoption. They will come from BLM short-term corrals and will be given 90 days training by staff members who are experienced trainers. By providing a centrally located site and by sponsoring year-round adoption events with ongoing adopter support, our goal is to facilitate 500+ successful adoptions per year.